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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let Yourself Be Guided

There are so many opportunities that await you, but you need to open yourself up to be lead by others. Sometimes when you are so in control of your life, it becomes impossible for you to see another perspective. You are guided by your own needs and wants that you can't see any other way but your own. If you desire to do more in your life, be open to what others can do for you. Although you may question the sanity of what people may say to you, trust in the impossible. You may not understand the logic of the message that you are given, but there is a reason why you are being lead in another direction. You may never know why these people are leading you down a path which you are unfamiliar with and may be uncomfortable with but you may see the logic hindsight. Be open to the possibilities and you will see that your desires are much nearer than you thought. Give others the benefit of the doubt before you turn them away. Today, don't trust your instincts. Open yourself to things you would never have experienced if it weren't for the suggestion of another person. This is the time to see the world with the eyes of a stranger. You will be lead to a special place where all things are possible.
When we dream, we see more clearly...

(Today as we were touring Maui, our son adamantly told us to stop by a place called the Sacred Garden. We were very hesitant because it was in a very secluded place and there were no cars in the parking lot. Even when we went in there was no one to greet us. But what we found inside was a very magical place. There were plants all over, crystals hanging from the trees, two large labyrinths, statues hidden amongst the foliage, and comfortable benches tucked away under kukui nut trees. We kept telling our son "thank you" because we would not have found this special place if it were not for his insistence. He said he didn't know why he wanted to stop, he just knew he had to. I'm so glad we listened.)

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