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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding Peace In Your Heart

Even when the world seems to be spinning out of control, when you have peace within your heart everything is in harmony. Many have the misconception that having peace in their hearts means that there is no discord in their life. But this is far from the truth, peace brings you calm during the storm. No matter what you are going through in life, if you are at peace nothing can touch your spirit. You will go through life knowing that whatever happens, you will be safe. Turbulent times are still in your future, but you can handle all that comes your way. Destiny is not easily acquired, but a reward at the end of a long and tiring journey. Find peace within your heart and you will meet the future with courage. Today, find the peace that you need to deal with the people that you meet. Peace is not a state of being easily gotten, work hard and you will find that it will see you through your toughest times. Find the peace that you are searching for and you will find the person you were meant to be. 
Let's just sit for awhile...

(As I was walking in this sacred garden with my daughter, she told me that she wished everyday was as peaceful as it was here. I told it can be. She said how can it be when people get her so angry. I responded that no matter what her day was like, if she had peace in her heart then she can handle anything and be okay. She shook her head as she walked away. Later, we talked more about it. She told me "If I want the future that I envision then I have to try harder to be at peace. I really want it, so I'll work on this."  I think that's all anyone can ask for, is to commit to working on peace within oneself.)

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