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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adapting To Change

Why are you so surprised when your life begins to change. Although what happens is through no fault of your own, change is none the less, something that you need to go through. It is because you are all interconnected, if others are going through life changes, so in turn will you. Some of you are often times upset with things that aren't familiar. You may get resentful that you weren't given more time to adjust to what has occurred, but that is what life is all about. It is your resiliency and determination that all will be well that will see you to your future. Remember there is always a reason for this change. Whether you are able to recognize at the time or in hindsight, you will grow because of what has occurred. Give thanks to those who have forced you out of your complacency. Today, you are where you need to be. Whether it is to help those in need or for you to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. There is a reason for the chaos in your life. Accept all that is happening and trust that you will grow through this experience.
For some, getting a chance to sit quietly for awhile is a change...

(My feelings towards change depends on how I'm feeling. If it's a good day, then I say "Bring it on". But on days that I'm down on myself, then I tend to go with "Why now?" and "Really!". I guess that's the thing about changes, they are what they are. We are the ones that attach emotion to them. So if that's the case, then if I look at them as something that can turn my life around and make me a better person, then I say "Okay, let's do this.")

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