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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Turning Within

When we begin finding fault with everyone else but ourselves, it's time to turn within. The weaknesses of others seem to stand out when we don't feel comfortable with ourselves. When we cannot face the emptiness in our life, it's easy to blame others for what we ourselves can not accomplish.  There is no excuse when we behave badly on the pretense that we are trying to help others. When we are content with who we are, then we can become more compassionate of others. Today, reflect upon yourself. Are you conscious of how you are treating others? If you are being critical of others, then it's time to work on yourself. You will see the good in the world, when your spirit is fulfilled.
When you're picking opihi, you have to concentrate on what you're doing...
(Most of the time, I can catch myself before my bad behaviors raise their  ugly head. The sad thing is that it's usually with my family members. They, of course, call me on it. But why find fault in others, when I have my own which I need to work on. It's not about being perfect, but acknowledging my imperfections.)

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