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Saturday, April 6, 2013

A New Beginning

Everyday, we have the opportunity to begin anew. To reflect upon our life and decide if there are any changes that we would like to make. We are not perfect, yet in our imperfections are we doing harm to ourselves and others. As we open our eyes, are we seeing what is there in front of us or are we continuing to hide from the truth. Sometimes when we get caught up in our busy life, our days become routine and no different from the rest. How easily we forget that we have the power to change what is not working. The question is do we want to do anything different from what we have been doing? Life is what we make it. Although we have an opportunity for a new beginning every morning, it is up to us to decide what is best for us. Today, rest your spirit. Be quiet in the moment. Rushing in life, makes us forget what is important. When it's time, all will come together and you will rise to the occasion.
Even nature begins anew...
(It's difficult to remember that I can make changes when I'm caught up in continuing what I've been doing. How nice to think that we can begin anew, but that brings a whole set of new concerns. Why don't I just leave it at that...a new beginning and go from there? No buts, it is what it is. I will think about this more.)

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