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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's All About Timing

It's funny how when we want something, time becomes so important. We get impatient when we think that it isn't moving fast enough. We try to do everything we can so that we can attain what we want, when we want it. How quickly we revert to child-like behavior when we can't get what we want. Time is a human concept, which we have organized our life around. Without it, we would have only the past, present, and future. If we are able to let go of time and believe in the universal plan that guides us, then we can go about our life in peace. Today, put aside your watches. Let your inner clock direct you as you go through your day. Why rush when you are where you need to be.
Time standing still...
(Sometimes I get impatient when things don't move as quickly as I would want. I understand that I need to be patient and all will work out as it should, but I'm a work in progress. It's as if the universe has a time frame that I'm not privy to. All I know is that I am always where I am supposed to be.)

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