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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everything Is Possible Under The Sun

It's easy for us to say we believe that there is purpose in life when everything is flowing our way. But as soon as things don't work out so well, we begin doubting the universe. We soon forget what we believe when we get caught up in our struggles. It's not that we have stopped believing, it's just harder to have clarity when we are trying to survive. But our struggles are as much a part of our life as our most peaceful moments. We forget that we are who we have become because of all of our experiences. Whether we are thinking about our purpose or the chaos in our life, we are still who we are. No better or worse. If we believe that the universe has a plan for us, then we need to take each day as it comes. Knowing that whatever comes our way, we can overcome all. Today, take a break. Whatever your struggles are will soon come to pass. Tomorrow is another day, that will bring new opportunities. When there is hope, everything is  possible under the sun.
On days like these, the sun can't come soon enough...
(I have to catch myself every once and awhile because I lose my focus when my world starts to implode. It's not that I question the universe, it's just that an internal battle takes place inside of me. Useless questions becomes rhetorical because there are no answers. Everything is hindsight once the chaos is resolved, but until then I'm blind to what lessons are now in front of me. I know if I just open my eyes, I'll see what I'm supposed to.)


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