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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life Levels The Playing Field

Who are we to think we are better than anyone else, when we are all the same? It is human nature to compare ourselves to others so that we may justify our existance. The knowledge that we are no better or worse than someone else seems to pacify us. It seems as if living a life of mediocrity is acceptable. But why are we settling for less than our potential. If we have to compare ourselves to anyone, why not to ourselves. In life, we are all the same. No matter who we are, we struggle to attain our heart's desire and to live a peaceful existence. We are all individual lights of energy, connected for the purpose of creating a healing universe. Today, believe in your path. It's your differences that make you successful. It's time to mark your own trail and see where it leads.
It's easy to lose yourself, when you feel insignificant...
(I believe in life. That sounds strange, but it encompasses so much. Life is ever evolving, giving us a chance to correct our mistakes, to understand the unknown, and to be accepting of others for who they are. I am blessed to part of a universal plan that encompasses everyone. I am no better or worse than anyone else. I am just a part of life as it is.)

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