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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Value Of Being Silent

There are times when words are not needed. When the silence between our words have more meaning than the words themselves. There are moments when well intended words miss their mark and things would have been better off if we left them unsaid. It is interesting how much we can learn about ourselves and others when we begin to listen more. Today, be in the moment. By being silent, you will be able to hear things that you have previously missed. In the quiet moments, you will not only hear what is being said but understand the speakers intent. Be open to all the sounds that surround you and life will flow a little easier.
There are no words to express nature's beauty...

(When I'm not feeling well, silence suits my mood. When I talk I expend so much more effort. The opposite happens when I am still and absorbing the energy that surrounds me. I guess that's why people who are so kinetic are always talking. It maybe because they have so much more energy to let out. I think I'll watch for that today, who are the talkers and who are the ones that are okay with being silent.)

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