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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Having A Quiet Passion

There may be some of us that feel that it is difficult to be around people who are passionate because they tend to be overly enthusiastic and it makes us feel as if we are missing out on something. How can they be so focused and positive about what they love? The answer is they aren't. We are only seeing what we want to see. They are bringing out our own insecurities. If we look deep within ourselves, we will find that there are a few things in our own life that we're passionate about. But because we are all so unique, we show our love in different ways. Some of us have a quiet passion that is no less important than those that others have, but we express it more within ourselves. We are all passionate people, we just need to embrace our passion in our own way. Today, think about the things that you love in life. Within these, you will find your passion. You may be surprised at what stirs your heart into action.
I love silly looking dogs...

(I think passion is tied into a knowing that something goes deeper within you than other things. Funny, but there are some things in life that are so difficult to explain. It's just there. I guess it's because it has to do with more feelings that being black and white. I hear people say "I wish I was passionate about something." Then you hear them talk about their kids for over an hour. Yup, I think there was passion in there somewhere. If we start with something we love then passion will follow.

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