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Monday, July 23, 2012

Stumbling In Life

There are times in life when you fall and it doesn't seem worth while to get up again because the path is so rocky. If you were to get up it would only be to fall again, so what would be the use of picking oneself up. Sometimes the journey in life seems filled with obstacles too unsurmountable but in looking at where you came from, all things can be overcome. It is with courage and strength that you travel through life. So when you feel as if you have fallen again, pick yourself up and continue your journey for you will never gain what is around the corner if you just sit in the middle of the path. Today, follow your instincts to where you are led. Never doubt what your knowing tells you, for it is not past experience that guides you but your inner spirit who has been programed to follow your universal plan. Have faith and all will work out.
I wonder what he's thinking about...

(It's not bad if you stumble once and awhile, but when you trip overyour feet to often then you really have to stop and think about getting new shoes. Sometimes I feel as if the unverse is out to get me. I know better, but when I'm in a slump it kind of feels good to be grumpy for a little while. It's "the whole world is going crazy" kind of mood. But since that's not my usual disposition, I tend to get out of my funky moods pretty quickly. I'm excited as to what awaits around the corner for me.)

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