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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Slowing Down

Rushing around in life seems to have become a habit for many of us. It’s not that we don’t have the time but we try to schedule too many things within an unreasonable amount of time. We don’t factor in traveling from place to place, eating on the run, or when our appointments run overtime. We end up getting frustrated at ourselves because we should know better. Allowing more time between our activities makes sense but when we feel pressured to accomplish more and more within the day, we begin to create unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Then factor in that we are trying to take care of ourselves. Lessening the stress in our lives, eating healthier meals, and ensuring that we get enough sleep. It’s time to stop and re-look at the bad habits that have been formed because of our busy lifestyle. It’s time to slow down and re-prioritize what we consider important. Know that no matter how much we try to rush, everything happens in its own time.
Upcountry bliss…

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