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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Don't You Understand?

Although you are speaking the same language, you wonder if others understand what you are saying. You feel that you are communicating clearly but some how it gets lost in the translation. It’s not that you are misunderstood very often, but when you are you feel a need to clarify what you are saying. Then the confusion begins. The only thing you are certain about is that you are totally confused as to where the other person is coming from. The words seem simple enough, but the misunderstanding comes in the meaning of what you are trying to say. Times like these, take a deep breathe and think about what your intention is in the words you are choosing. Most times there is something deeper going on with the other person. They bring their past experiences and emotions with them. So what started as a simple conversation can blown up in to total confusion. Take a step back and quickly assess the situation, if need be put this subject aside for another day. Remember your intention is to communicate with respect to not only others but to yourself.  Be mindful that speaking to others is more than just getting your point across, it’s to engage others in your experience.
Quiet reflection…

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