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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Becoming One With Yourself

What is the purpose of lying to yourself? It’s as if you are two separate people. One whose actions are directed by fears and the other who enables you when you make the wrong choices. We all have fears that hold us back from doing the right thing for ourselves. As hard as we try, we revert back to habits that keep us from getting hurt. When we are at the point when we need to make a decision, that’s when we begin lying to ourselves. Reminding ourselves why we need to continue doing what we do in order to keep safe, even if it keeps us from moving forward in our lives. It’s time for you to become one person. Standing up to both that exists within you and saying “No more lies”. Believing that you will be safe no matter how many challenges you face along the way, you will overcome them. Know that you do not stand alone, look around and you will see all who love you and support your efforts. 
Betsy Inside Chur
There is place for us all to find peace…

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