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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Can Be What You Want It To Be

There are times when you feel that life is just where you want it to be. You have jumped over several hurdles to get where you are at this moment. Everything seems to be going smoothly for you. It’s not that things are perfect, but you have learned to cope with the imperfections. You have made some adjustments and feel that you have learned some valuable lessons along the way. Then all of a sudden your world is shaken again. It may not be a major disruption but it’s enough for you to start questioning your abilities to make your way through chaos. This time you regroup much faster than before. You have learned that through adversity you have become stronger. Knowing that life is unstable, you shake off the fears and refuse to let back into your spirit and with confidence tell yourself that I can do this. This will not stop me from moving forward to where I am meant to be. Life can be all that you want it to be.
Quinn - sand tracks on the beach
Be part of the footprints that many have left behind…

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