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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making Your Life Easier

Sometimes it’s easier to do things yourself rather than depend on others. You pride yourself on being independent but it may be more that you tend to be impatient and have difficulty working with others. Also you may have a fear of being rejected or disappointed. Depending on others is scary and leaves you vulnerable. Learning to trust that you won’t be hurt is uncomfortable but taking the first step is always the most difficult. Think of how much joy you receive when you are able to help others in their time of need. Have you ever thought that by giving others the same opportunity that they extent to you is closing the circle of compassion? Instead of living your life believing in no one but yourself, trust that the Universe knows who to send to help you on your path. By sharing our strengths and working together, we can overcome all the obstacles that we encounter.  Now is the time, to let the angels that surround you make your life easier.
Trust that taking this path is worth all the challenges you meet along the way…

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