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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Waiting For The Perfect Time

The world as we know it is smaller than we think. Our lives intertwine in ways we can’t understand. Sometimes we affect each other’s lives whether intentional or not. Our wishes and desires have a tendency to overlap and become blurred. So what happens when two people wish for totally opposite things? How does the Universe decide who gets their wish granted and who doesn’t? Does it depend on who has the greater need or lesson to be learned? There are times we question whether the Universe actually hears us because we haven’t received what we have been asking for. But what if it’s not about us but about timing. Sometimes it’s frustrating when we ask for something and it does not come as quickly as we would like it to. Only when looking at things hindsight can we see that when we finally receive what we truly want, it comes exactly when it was supposed to. So don’t begrudge others in receiving their wishes. Know that your time is coming and trust when it does it will be the perfect time for you.
This is a perfect time…

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