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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Getting Back On Your Feet

Sometimes no matter how firmly you stand on your foundation, life has a way of pushing you off. No matter how many times this happens, you are still taken by surprise. It’s like standing in the ocean, when a huge wave comes and knocks you off your feet. You can either struggle against it and get tossed around for all your efforts or you can just go with the flow. You might end up on the shore, but at least you’re safely in one piece. Because you weren’t paying attention, you forgot all the rules of the ocean. You only turned your back on the waves that one time, but one time is all that it took. Sometimes you need to get knocked down a few times for you to learn that although life is unpredictable, if you fall back on your foundation you can make it through anything. Its okay for things to go wrong in your life because you will always have an opportunity to get back on your feet again and do even better the next time.
Dani - waves washing up on shore
It’s time to get back in the water…

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