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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Affirming The Positive

How long have you been hiding who you really are? It’s not that you are undesirable, but in your eyes there are certain things about yourself that you are hesitant in showing others. What you find tolerable in others, you fear that they will not accept in yourself. Perfection is just an illusion so why are you holding yourself to such high standards. It’s not that you find yourself to be less than others, but you constantly remind yourself of your faults. Remember if you continue to do this, your thoughts will be reflected in who you will become. It’s time to turn your life around. Like everyone else you are who you are because of your past experiences. So move forward and know that you can become who you are meant to be by working on who you are in the moment. Overcome negative thoughts by replacing them with positive affirmations. It’s been a tiring journey for you, now release all that is holding you back and move forward with confidence and love for yourself.
Tangled tree branches
When life gets too complicated, it’s time to jump out of the tree… 

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