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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Leading By Example

Is it true that if you haven’t received love you wouldn’t know how to give it? If not shown kindness, you can’t be caring? Simple questions, but there is no simple answer for the answers come from within you. If you are waiting for others to complete who you are then you’ll be waiting forever. For no one has been given the responsibility to show you how to love, how to be caring, be kind, or compassion. Even animals who have been abused all of their lives, have the ability to love although they have never known it. Search within yourself and be truthful. How do you treat others who are no more or less than you? Are you fearful to show your feelings? To be honest with yourself is the first step. You are a loving person who doesn’t have to wait for others to give to you, but lead others by example with your shining light.

There is beauty in all of us…

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