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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Within In Your Own Time

How many times do you feel as if you are being rushed? It’s not that you have forgotten the time, but sometimes it seems if it’s running against you. When you are making plans everything runs smoothly. But somehow during the day things start backing up because they take more time than you anticipated. You forget how many times you have been delayed because you don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings, so you stay just a minute longer. But running behind has become more of a common occurrence than not. It wouldn’t be bad if you didn’t feel so guilty about being late in meeting others. Be realistic about who you are and the time you take to complete your tasks. If you are someone who likes to take their time, then plan accordingly. But if you’re a Type A person, then adjust your schedule to your pace. But at this point in life, you should be more familiar with the people you spend time with so you know who and what takes more time than what you expect. So in those cases, plan to spend quality time with them. Don’t cut these special moments short. Life is not to be rushed. Enjoy it within your own time.
Stop and capture the moment…

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