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Friday, April 17, 2015

How Far Can Your Dreams Take You?

There are times in life when no matter how comfortable you are with what you are doing there is a quiet whispering within you to explore the unknown. Going outside of your comfort zone may be scary, so you quickly try to push aside these wayward thoughts. You have worked so hard to get to where you are so why are you dreaming about a life so different from the one you lead right now. It’s not that you are unhappy or discontent, it’s just thoughts of “What if?” are popping in your head. Know that it’s okay to venture to places you have never been to or doing things that are new to you. That’s how your spirit grows. Pushing yourself to achieve more in life opens up a world of opportunities for you. Dreaming helps you to define what you are searching for. Go ahead and step outside the life that you have created and live the life that you have only dreamed about. The only one who is holding you back is yourself.
Sean - Chinese Altar
There is so much for us to learn about each other…

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