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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Accepting Who You Truly Are

How many times do you congratulate yourself when you do something nice for yourself or for others? There is a sense of peace when you are compassionate. But what would happen if you also begin paying attention to the moments when you’re not so nice. It seems when bad habits begin to slip through the cracks, there is a tendency to look the other way. So what would happen if you acknowledged these less than stellar times and called yourself on it, “Hey, what are you doing? Stop that right now, you know better. Say sorry and play nice.” Can you be as nurturing to yourself whether or not you are doing the right things in life? We all tend to be a little harder on ourselves than with anyone else. It’s okay to make mistakes. But whether you are doing well or not, give yourself an equal amount of loving, patience, and kindness. Accepting yourself as you truly are is the first step in discovering your true potential.      
I am beautiful…

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