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Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Time For A Change

You say that you are open to change, but what are you doing to welcome the change you are seeking. Trying to convince yourself and others about what you envision won’t make it happen anytime soon unless you put your words into action. But as you move forward you will be confronted by the fears that have blocked you before. All the doubts that faced you in the past wait patiently for you like a long lost friend. You say that you are prepared, for this is not the first time that you have walked this path before. So let your determination push past all your fears for it’s time to move forward. You have been waiting for this moment and no matter what comes your way you’ll be ready. Although dreaming about change kept you hopeful, living it is so much more rewarding.
Sean - Stepping Off.
Where do you go from here…

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