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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Can Do This

I can do this. You have the motivation and the drive to achieve your goals. You have created a plan to carry out your desires. You know what you want the outcome to be and you are determined to see this through. That was yesterday, today you are singing a different tune. This is so much harder to do than you thought it would be. What were you thinking? Your great plan seems unrealistic as well as unattainable. Why did you think you could ever achieve reaching your goal within the time that you set for yourself. If you think it’s so difficult now, how will you ever see this through to the end. The reality is that everything that creates change will be challenging. You are not only trying to reach a goal, but you are developing new habits which your body, mind, and spirit may be fighting against. Change occurs from the inside out. Begin having internal conversations with yourself. Be understanding when you falter. Be patient when others don’t understand what you are trying to achieve. And most of all be loving to yourself especially when you are going through a rough spot. Know that you can do what ever your heart desires, if you truly believe it can be done.
Sean - Wide angle turtle bay
Life can be so beautiful…

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