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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dreaming in Life

As children, there are no limits to our dreams. No matter how unrealistic they were, we felt that we could get and do anything we wanted. In our minds, nothing was too outrageous or out of our reach. What was so clear, changed as life happens and has become only a faint memory. For many of us, we use our responsibilities and obligations as excuses why we've lost sight of our dreams. But if we truly wanted something couldn't we have integrated it into the life we have now. Today, spend more time recapturing your dreams. They have never really left you, but have been put aside until you are ready to realize them again. Dreams are a way for you to see your path more clearly.
Relax, it's your day...

(What is the difference between having goals and dreaming? I'm used to setting goals, but dreaming is a little bit more difficult for me to understand because there doesn't seem to be any structure. I guess dreams lets us see life in a "what if" perspective. The "what ifs" makes me think outside the box. I guess I should dream a little bit more because the "what ifs" makes me smile.)

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