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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Believing In Yourself

Although most of us may know what our strengths are, we are often times hesitant to share what we know to be true. It's not that anyone has ever challenged us, but when asked what we are good at, why do we feel so awkward being honest about who we are. There are times when being humble is appropriate, but there are other times when we need to step up to the plate. How can we move forward on our path, if we haven't learned to express who we are? We are our strengths, as well as, our weaknesses. Today, think about your strengths. How are you using them to help others? As you continue on your path, you will need to be strong to realize your heart's desire.
Sometimes it takes courage to be different...

(I'm not sure if it's human nature to doubt what we know to be true or if culture plays a large role in believing who we are. Being Asian American, being taught to be humble is part of our makeup. One of the most difficult challenge is integrating culture, experience, and inner guidance in trusting and  believing in who I am.) 

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