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Monday, June 11, 2012

Believing In What You Do

Sometimes in life we do things that others don't agree with or understand. Although our actions and behaviors are based on our past experiences and culture, we still have a tendency to listen to what others have to say. Many of us value the opinions of others and may change what we are doing based on their advice. But there are some things in life that we are sure of whether or not others think it is wise. It's difficult for us to continue walking the same path if those that we are close to are telling us to go in another direction. But what it comes down to is how much do we believe in what we are doing. Can we say to others, "I understand how much you care about me, but I've got to do this." Sometimes what we do doesn't make sense, even to ourselves, but there is an urging to continue down this path. Our journey may not be the easiest, but it's what makes us who we are. Today, make no excuses for your decisions. Those that are close to you may question them, but know that although your actions may not seem reasonable, they are part of your journey, no one elses. By believing in yourself, you will venture much further in life.
Sometimes our path is not always so easy...

(When making decision, I usually deliberate over it for awhile before actually deciding what to do. That's why it always amazes me when people have a strong opinion about my decisions. It's not that I will be changing what I'm going to do, but that my decisions really affect how others feel. I just think it's interesting, how people feel that they know me so well that they are able to tell me what I should do. I wish it were that easy.)

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