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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Suffering of Man

If we stop and look beyond the blessed life we live, we all know of a person or family who are in need. Hunger, homelessness, and illness touches everyone at one time. Although it may not be our journey, there may be family and friends who are walking this difficult path right now. It is during these times, that we question how can we best help. If we are too close, we are apt too rush in with more emotion, then reason. By taking a step back before reacting, you give them the respect and dignity that they deserve while they share their experience and plans with you. Honor their strength and resilience, instead of feeling sorry for them.  What is needed may be very different from what you think. Sometimes being quiet and supporting their plans is the most difficult. Today, let your compassionate heart not only hear the pain of those who are near but to discern what your true role is in helping them.

If you know the size of the cut, buying the right bandage is easier...

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