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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Living A Joyful Life

Sometimes it is easier said than done to keep our committment to nurture ourselves, to set aside time to reflect upon our lives, and to take the initiative to help those in need. We have the best intentions, but somehow life gets in the way and we get caught up in our daily routines. We remind ourselves over and over again what we should be doing and feel bad that we're gotten off track again. If what we should be doing is so good for us, why is it so difficult to follow through? We create such high standards that it would be difficult for anyone including ourselves to meet these expectations. The universe is compassionate and forgiving, as we should be of ourselves. Today, put aside your strict standards and take a break. Do something that fills your heart with joy. Living a joyful life is sometimes the first step in caring for yourself and others.

Spending time with family and friends give me the greatest joy...

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