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Friday, June 3, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes when life flows too easily, we get a little nervous that things will occur to shake things up. Why do we even make plans if they are going to go awry? We are so proud of ourselves when we think we see our path so clearly and are now able to make sense of the twists and turns that present themselves. In fact, we feel so good that we formulate plans that may really work. Then out of nowhere, we trip on debris that we didn't see or have to stop completely because a boulder has blocked our way. When your path becomes less easy to navigate, stop and sit for awhile. Take a breath and regroup. Let whatever is happening...happen. Know that this to shall pass. Plans are just that...plans. Today, no matter how much your world gets rocked and plans get tossed to the wind, know that you can just step aside and continue on as soon as your world stops shaking and your path becomes clear again.  

Sitting on a purple bench seems like the best thing for me right now

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