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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Challenge Yourself

In the world we live in today, everyone moves so quickly. And with the aid of technology, we can get our needs met and communicate twice as fast. But what is also happening as a result of this, is an expectation that this is how our lives should be. Through the generations, we have become impatient and self-absorbed with ourselves and others when we are inconvenienced. Although many see it as a sign of progress when we've progressed so far in area of technology, there is now an inherent dependency on products that we feel make our lives more comfortable. Today, take a moment to imagine how your life would be without electricity. Then for one day this week, put aside one of the products that you use that needs electricity or batteries. Although this will be a challenge, know that your mind, body, and spirit need to rest and heal from the disturbances that come through technology.

In the country, there is a good reason why our cell phones stop working...

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