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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Comfort In The Dark

Sometimes in life there are no answers that await us. There is only silence for a response. The questions asked are usually the profound and the ones that are accompanied with the most passion. Why was a loved one taken away? Why do we have to suffer so? Why don't I know what to do? We feel as if the universe is not hearing our cries. What lessons are we supposed to be learning because it causes us so much pain to be where we are at this moment and we wish it would end? Being in the dark unfamiliar place, surrounded by quiet is very unsettling. During difficult times, it's not about learning to be patient but how well we adapt to the emptiness of the moment. Instead of fighting against what has happened or is occurring, sit quietly and let your emotions flow through you. Sometimes you do not have to understand the reasons why things occur but know that no matter what is happening around you, you are still surrounded by a compassionate universe. Today, let the stillness of the universe flow around you. All you need to do in this moment is to quiet your mind and breath. 

There are special places where the world stands so still...

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