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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Accepting With Graciousness

Life is not only about giving to others but learning to accept with graciousness. It makes us feel good when we are able to nurture and support our family and friends. There is especially a sense of satisfaction if we are able to assist those who we have never met before or never will meet. We feel fortunate that we are in a position to help.  On the other hand, if life is about the balancing of energy, what happens when others try to extend their help or show appreciation to us. Do we humbly shake our heads and turn them away? Step back and reflect on how you feel when you help others. By not giving others the opportunity to help you or by not accepting their gift with graciousness, you have just denied them the same satisfaction   Today, go forward with your arms extended to help others and to accept what the universe offers you. Learn to balance the energies that flow around you with ease.

Thank you, it's just what I wanted...Is it chocolate?

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