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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving Forward

Many of us are in the process of fulfilling our heart's desire but somehow it remains elusive. We've identified our desire and may have even started working towards it, but it always seems to be outside of our grasp. Our self doubt and fears are so strong that they prevent us from accomplishing so much. Our negative self talk can be very destructive. At times like this, bring out the nurturing spirit that lies within us all, to help guide you through your challenging journey. Today, think of your heart's desire and begin posing questions to your compassionate spirit. How can I proceed? What are the obstacles that stop me? How can I nurture and love myself? Write the questions and answers down so you don't forget. After asking the question, give yourself only two seconds to begin writing the answer down. You do not want to let your self talk get in the way. Do not read the answers that you have written until you've asked all of your questions. Once you receive all your answers, give thanks for the help you've received and then go back and read your answers. Whenever you feel that you're having difficulty reaching your heart's desire, re-read your answers to help you to move forward.

I look much braver than I feel...

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