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Friday, June 24, 2011

Realigning Yourself

Sometimes the most difficult time is not when we are questioning what to do with our lives, but are we doing what we are destined to do. For many of us, we plan our lives as carefully as possible. Even those of us, whose lives seem to be put together by chance. Our careers, friends, and leisure time are all part of who and what we have chosen. But still there are doubts within us that question whether we have made the right decisions especially when we are tired or things are not going as smoothly as we'd like it to be.  Living life and making decisions are part of our journey. If you feel as if things are not working well for you, it is not always the universe that is out of sinc. It may be that you have just hit a rough spot on your path. Today, take a short moment to reassess your life. Does your spirit feel at ease? If not make little adjustments to realign yourself so that you flow with the universe, not against it. 

Water flows easily even in the most roughest of places...

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