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Sunday, December 29, 2013

As The World Changes Some Things Stay The Same

It seems to make sense that if your world is changing that everything around you changes also. But many times that's not the case. The way you view life is so different because of your experiences. What you thought you knew yesterday is not what is real today. Hopefully you have grown to understand life a little better after what you have been through, but whether you have or have not, you are different from who you were. Now that there seems to be more clarity in your life, why are those that surround you the same. But maybe that's what all this is about, not how the world has changed or how others should change along with you but what you have learned about yourself by going through this experience. As you understand yourself a little more you will see that although the world changes, things remain the same.
Reach out for the blessings in life...

(It's so easy to blame others for the situations I find myself in, but it's becoming more clear that I am where I am because of the the actions I have taken. I have to live with the consequences that come with the choices I have made. Sometimes I disappoint myself, but other times I wonder what did I do to receive such blessings. All in all, I find that I'm the one who is changing, not so much others.)

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