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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Exceeding Your Expectations

There are times in your life when you wonder if you'll ever meet your goals in life. What you wanted to be and achieve sometimes seem so far out of your reach. You've been working hard to make ends meet that attaining your heart's desire has become a faint memory. Sometimes you need a little reminding of dreams past. It's not that you don't have desires, it just that life has gotten in the way of your dreams and wishes. But what if the universe was just waiting for you to decide that enough is enough and that it's time for you to receive all that you've wanted. What if you could exceed even your expectations? Now is the time to put your desires out into the universe. Say it out loud and with the belief that if you ask it will come. 
Three infinity pools just waiting for you...

(Standing on the balcony overlooking these pools, I felt strongly that everyone has an opportunity to experience this. It's just knowing how much you want it. I think many of us including myself are too humble for our own good. It's not that I don't think I deserve my heart's desire, I am not taking the time to define it. I believe that the universe tries to accommodate us as much as it fits in our plan. So in the coming year, I better be more specific. Now watch and see what happens.)

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