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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Changing Your Mind

When you've wanted something for so long and it finally happens, you're surprised when you find yourself not caring as much as you thought you'd would. Isn't this what your heart has desired for so long, but as you can see time changes us all. You are no longer who you were and your dreams have changed as you have. You've been working so hard for something that you've held close to your heart. But time has not only changed who you are but what you desire. It's time to stop for a moment and regroup. Who are you and what is it that you want out of life? When you can define what it is that you want, put it out to the universe and see how quickly it will come to you.
A time for dreams to come true...

(Sometimes I want something so badly but then I forget about it. Then someone reminds me what I asked for. When manifesting for things, it's a good idea to write what you want down so when it comes to past you're more appreciative. I know that the universe has a plan for me which supports a lot of things that I want for myself. I just have to remember what they were.)

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