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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Owning Your Destiny

Do you ever wonder if you are where you are meant to be? Sometimes life gets so difficult that you question if you are fighting a losing battle. But you’ve had the same dream recently where you are doing what makes you happy and you are at peace. In fact although it’s only a dream, you awake feeling that there will be a time when everything will come together for you and you will be where you belong. But when the universe works in your favor and you are placed in that very place that you dreamed about, you are filled with self doubt. All your fears come rushing back. You freeze. Dreaming about who you are meant to be is one thing but having the opportunity to actually change your life around is scarier than you thought. It’s time to own your destiny and stop hiding behind your dreams. This is a year to realize all that you’ve been wishing for. 
Chairs under the tree
Watching the sunset is where I want to be…

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