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Friday, July 10, 2015

Keeping Your Promises

Promises made but so easily forgotten. At that moment, you had every intention of keeping them. In fact, it was part of deal you made with the Universe. If you do this, I promise that I will… Whatever you promised you meant it with all your heart. It was made with the best intentions. Although you may have forgotten what you committed yourself to do, the Universe remembers. But it’s like reflecting on the actions of a child. Children in the midst of chaos and trouble make all kinds of promises to their parents. They will clean their rooms every day till the day they die. They will eat all their vegetables, even if they throw up. They will try really hard in school, even if their teacher doesn’t like them. Whatever they promise, their parents look upon them with love and patience. That’s how the Universe looks upon us. It understands that when you make your promises, you truly mean it with your whole being and that’s what counts. No one is holding you to your promises, so don’t be so hard on yourself. The Universe will continue to help and support you on your journey, no matter what promises you make. Just be kind and compassionate to yourself and to others and you will be on your way tp keeping your promises.
I promised that I would try different foods this year…

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