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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finding What You Seek

There are days when you may wonder why the Universe has placed certain people around you. They are not who you would normally choose to walk with you on your journey. In fact, it seems as if the Universe went out of it’s way to find people that are your complete opposite. Whether it’s that one person who is the bane of your existence or a few that seem to challenge your every word. If there is a lesson in this, you just aren’t connecting the dots. Being self centered to a degree, there may be a little feeling sorry for yourself right now. But what if it’s not all about you. Could it be that these people are in your life at this moment because of what you can share with them? Although you may deny it, you too are a guiding light for many. No one is perfect, so we are here to teach each other what the other lacks. So instead of feeling out of sorts, take up the challenge that the Universe has given you. As others learn from what you offer, you will learn from those that have what your own spirit seeks. 
You may find what you seek during quiet reflection…

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