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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Be True To Yourself

We are to remind you to stay true to what you believe. Do not be swayed into thinking that what others tell you is the truth. It may be what guides them in their lives, but you are all unique and what is good for them may not be for you. You spend your time comparing yourself to others and come up short every time. It’s not that you are less than anyone else but you are not measuring yourself with the correct ruler. If this is how you measure your worth than you with never see your true value. We are here to tell you that you are strong and can withstand all that seems to overwhelm you. Know that we stand with you. You think that you need to lean on others for support but it’s time to find the courage that is within you.There will be times of self doubt, but that is only natural. Questioning your abilities is part of getting to know the person you are becoming. So stand strong and be confident as you journey on the path that was meant for only you.
We are closer than you think…

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