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Monday, July 20, 2015

Believe In Your Dreams

What are you asking for? We hear your whispers but even then you don’t sound very sure. We understand that it is frustrating because you been trying so hard to say the right things, but in the end it’s not quite what you mean. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult asking for what you want? You’ve been working hard to reach your goals, but sometimes what you’re asking for doesn’t have anything to do with that. Sometimes what you truly want is something you’ve never thought you could attain. And yet you still question yourself whether what you want is worth asking for? It’s as if you have judged yourself and found yourself to be lacking. Don’t you know, whether you say the words out loud or not, we still hear you. For it’s not the words that are important, it’s the spirit in which you share your dreams with us that resonates so strongly. Know that we support your journey and what your heart desires. Have faith that all will come to you as you have dreamed it will be.
Sometimes you don’t always have to question, just appreciate what you see…
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