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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Doing What Is Right

What if there was no Universal Plan overseeing what you are doing in life? No guiding spirits to help you on your journey. No messages that whisper words of wisdom in your ears. What if from this moment you are on your own? You would be responsible for your own actions. Maneuvering through life’s complicated mazes, not knowing if you are headed in the right direction. Questioning whether the choices you are making are the right ones to get you to where you want to be. For some of us that’s what we are feeling right now. When we begin to believe that we are standing alone and there is nothing to help us on our journey, then we truly are alone. No matter how you are feeling, whether  you believe that there is a Universal plan, spirit guides or loved ones who have passed on that are watching over you or not you still have control of doing what is right not only for yourself but others. It’s great to have the support of others, but the responsibility of your actions lay on you alone.
Where would we be if we trusted our instincts…

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