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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pushing The Limits

There are times in our life when we become stuck in a rut. It's not that our life is boring, but we've gotten used to our daily routines.  At the same time, we question the universe why aren't we being guided towards our true potential. We are never going to attain our heart's desire by sitting on the bench, watching life go by. Having the courage to push beyond the boundaries we've created, will begin opening doors to opportunities that we would have never envisioned. Every step taken outside of the world we know, will feel very uncomfortable. But as we journey further and further, we will see how our life has no limits. Today, sit for a moment and think how you can challenge yourself to do more. The universe is patient, but your spirit is ready to move on!

They say your first ride should be on a Harley!

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