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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Choosing The Words We Use

Unless we write down everything we say, it is difficult to keep track of the exact words we use because once said they disappear. But if we did, we would be able to see how often we make less of ourselves through our words we use. We take away a lot of the power of what we mean to say by unconsciously using certain words. Take the word "just". It's a word that many of us use without even knowing. Putting "just" in front of another word weakens our meaning. "I'm just resting" "This is just something I do" "I'm just reading"  Instead of "I'm resting" "This is something I do" "I'm reading" Hear the strength of what is being said by removing the word "just". We have stopped apologizing for taking time for ourselves.What would happen if we were more conscious of the words we use. Would it help to not only strengthen what we are trying to communicate to others, but strengthen who we are?Today, be conscious of the words you use. Be true to yourself by choosing only words that reflect the strong spirit within you.

No, it's okay. I'm just reflecting on the beauty of where I am... 

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