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Monday, July 25, 2011

Living With Pain

For many of us, we have or know someone who lives with chronic pain. Whether it is emotional or physical, we are reminded of how our life has changed due to illness. Living a life of compassion takes on a whole new meaning, when pain is our constant companion. It is difficult to have compassion for others, when some days it takes all our energy just to do simple tasks. A painfree moment is a time for celebration and in that moment our heart is free to express the joy we feel. Living a life of compassion is not measured by the amount of good that we do for others, but by the goodness that lays within our heart. Today, define yourself by the compassionate spirit that is within you, not by the pain that you have identified so closely with. You deserve a day of comfort and peace.

Sometimes finding comfort is only a few steps away...

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