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Friday, July 22, 2011

Clarifying Our Path

There are times when we question whether we are on the right path because it doesn't seem as if we are moving forward. It is at this time that we ask advice from others. We listen carefully as they tell us what they know to be best for us. Although it's not their intent to make us feel bad or guilty, their vision of what our potential is seems to be so different from the life we live now. Why then do we feel a need to justify to others what we are doing? Whether taking the time to care for our children or an loved one who is ill, supporting our partner in their pursuits, or taking a break from all the busyness. Whatever we have decided to do at this time, whether through our planning or not, is the right place for us. Doing what we feel is right in our heart is part of fulfilling our potential. Everything else will come soon enough, if we live a life of compassion and pure intention. Today, reflect upon your life. Although it may be challenging, is it one that brings you joy and comfort? Do not seek answers from outside of yourself, for the spirit within you is your best source. Celebrate the life you lead!

Sitting down to capture my thoughts seem to bring me peace...

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