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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minding Our Business

How many of us spend more time minding someone else's business than our own? It's not that we know more than anyone else but we seem to feel that our way of thinking makes sense. Whether we truly know the person who we are talking about or not, we begin to think that we know what is best for them. It gets even worse when two or more people gather and a discussion begins. How can talking about another person's life help them? How can telling that person how to live their lives better the situation? It can't. In most cases, we end up hurting the person instead of doing any good. The act of truly helping others comes from a place of compassion. Today, spend the time that you would have concentrated on others to reflect upon yourself and your heart's desire. You will find that your life becomes more peaceful when you quiet your mind, body, and spirit.

Sometimes some of us need some reminding...

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